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ScoopFree Ultra Top-Entry Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box



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Tired of scooping your cat’s smelly litter? With the Ultra Automatic box from ScoopFree, you can go hands-free and finally stop breaking a sweat. This innovative, top-entry litter box does all the work for you, keeping itself clean without all that stinky hassle. When your cat crawls in to do his business, litter crystals absorb liquid waste and dehydrate solid waste to destroy odors. Then, an automatic rake sweeps through to push the mess out of sight, out of mind, and out of your nose! It keeps itself clean, without needing you to scoop, clean or refill it for weeks. When it comes time to reload, simply place the lid on the disposable tray and throw it away. The crystal litter is 99% track-free, but, if that’s not enough, the top-entry hood is built with a large, grated surface for even more protection against tracking. Plus, an included health counter makes sure you know how often your kitty uses the boxso you can keep a watchful eye on his behavior! ScoopFree makes your life easier, your home cleaner and your cat happier. What could be better?

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